Our Services

Emergency 24 Hour Service

Any tree emergency, any time of the day, any day of the week, we will be at your service.

Dangerous Tree Removal

Specializing in dangerous tree removal in a safe and efficient working manner.

Complete Clean Up

With requesting complete clean up, your property will be spotless when we are done. We strive for perfection in everything we do, especially in leaving your property in immaculate condition.

Lot Clearing/Building Site Preparation

Clearing your lot correctly for the construction of your dream home/cottage is very important for the well-being of the remaining trees and shrubs on your property. Selecting the correct trees to be removed is not only important to the remaining trees and shrubs, it is also important as it will eliminate costly and unnecessary tree work in the future. We will prepare a site plan for your lot and strive to maintain the vigor and integrity of the trees that are to remain on site.


Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. If pruning is not performed correctly the results for the tree in question could be catastrophic. Pruning is often necessary to maintain safety, improve tree structure and health, satisfy customer goals and make the tree aesthetically pleasing.

Cabling, Bracing & Guying

When installed properly, cabling, bracing or guying systems may extend the life of the tree and reduce the risk of tree failure.

Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems installed in trees protect trees from damage if struck by lightning. These systems provide an alternate path for the lightning to reach the ground, ultimately protecting the tree from the lightning strike.


Hydro Line Clearing

Proper tree assessment of surrounding trees is vital to the longevity of a maintenance free hydro right of way.

Chipping Service

Chipping is available upon request. Chips from limbs of trees are very beneficial in many ways. They are great for walkways and also act as great mulch for gardens and around the bases of trees and shrubs. Truly the best natural fertilizer there is!

Crane Service

For trees that are too hazardous to climb or trees that have a limited work area there may be no other option than to use a crane.

Storm Damage

The destruction caused by storms can be devastating. From wind to freezing rain or snow we will be there to assess your trees and proceed with the appropriate work needed. Our priority is returning your property back to its original safe state.

Tree Assessment & Risk Management

Proper tree assessment is very important. It involves assessing the tree for disease, insects, decay, root trauma and overall tree health. Assessments are performed to prevent limb or tree failure, enhance safety for the property owner and promote tree longevity. After the tree assessment is completed procedures can be put into place to eliminate any risk there may be.

Tree and Site Selection

If you are interested in transplanting a tree or investing in a nursery grown tree, matching the tree to the site is imperative. Each tree species has certain environmental requirements for light, water, soil conditions and growing space. Let us make sure that your potential site matches your tree species so your tree will flourish for years to come.

Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned firewood available: Maple, Beech, Ash, Elm, Oak, Birch. Delivery available.

Cedar Posts

Cedar posts available; any length and diameter. Delivery available.



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