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"I would highly recommend ArborView Tree Care to anyone who needs professional tree removal. Josh is a reliable, courteous and knowledgable business owner—a credit to Haliburton! He is an exceptional communicator. All e-mails are answered promptly and efficiently. I will continue to use ArborView Tree Care for any other tree care needed at my cottage. Continued success in your business, Josh!"

Margaret Mudge, Eagle Lake, April 2013


"Thank you again Josh. It's a pleasure doing business with you and your associate Jeramy. I like your honesty, knowledge of your work, and how you clean up after your tree or brushing is complete. Also, that you come to your appointments on time. Like I said when I am happy with a job I am sure that I try to let everyone know. Thanks again and Good Luck in the success of your business."

Diane and Jim Poling


"I would like to take this time to thank Josh Burk and his team from ArborView for the excellent job they did recently at my cottage on Benoir Lake. They arrived promptly and proceeded with due care and attention to cut down all the trees earmarked for removal. As one large tree was very near the cottage, I was most pleased to see how easily they topped and felled the tree without damage to any of the surrounding trees or buildings on the property. Josh and his team were courteous, polite and professional in their dealing with me and all work was completed on budget and within the timeframe quoted. All cleanup was done to my satisfaction. ArborView's pricing was very reasonable for the amount of work involved. I am delighted with the outcome and look forward to working with Josh again in the near future to take down other trees, that have been brought to my attention, as showing signs of disease from invading insects and/or root rot. Thank you for a job well done."

E. Kidd, July 2012


"We were very impressed with Josh Burk of Arbor View when he cut down four dead trees for us. Two of them were very close to the house so that he had to rope all of the limbs down to avoid damage to the house and our garden. He and his assistant worked very quickly, efficiently and carefully so that no damage occurred. Josh was extremely professional and courteous and I would be happy to recommend his services."

J. Bradford, West Guilford, June, 2012


"Josh Burk and his team provided excellent service while doing tree cutting work on my lakeside property November, 2011. Within a day they managed to cut down and remove fifteen mature trees including the full cleanup. Most of these trees had died from the spruce tree beetle invading them plus some were danger trees. In some cases the work was very complex due to the location of buildings and or other trees. Josh provided great leadership and supervision and took a lead role in the actual tree climbing and cutting. The team worked well together. I was most impressed with the service provided and will continue to rely on Josh for future tree removal work."

Mary McCrae, Ingoldsby, Ontario


"I would highly recommend ArborView - A Vision For Quality Tree Care ... professional, efficient, thorough, accountable and supportive to my many questions and concerns". My sincere thanks, Josh."

Rob, 2011


Certified Arborist, Fully Insured & Licensed
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